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Welcome to your new financial dashboard

Personal budget dashboard

Avoid overdraw

You see how your account positions are evolving in the next few weeks or months, and can tune your expenses to avoid any overdraw.

Notice the slightest overrun

In just one glance, you will be aware of any cost overrun. You can then readjust your budget to avoid overdraw and preserve your goals.

Prepare your projects and achieve your goals!

Prepare projects in your personal budget

See the future!

Using its new approach, BudgetView computes automatically the evolution of your account positions in the next weeks and months. You can then optimize your budget accordingly, to reach your goals more quickly.

Prepare and simulate your projects

Forecast your spending, plan credits or transfers from your savings accounts. Every project element can be moved to another month or deactivated to perform simulations.

Récupérer automatiquement les relevés bancaires

No tedious input of transactions

Import your financial statements from your bank's website. BudgetView categorizes automatically most of your transactions, leaving only a few operations for manual processing. This way, your budget can be up to date in just a few minutes, at any time!

Bring your budget with you

With the Android companion app, you can visualize your budget on the go.

Application de gestion de comptes pour Android

Confidentialité / Sécurité

Secure and confidential

Your personal information is not sent over the internet: everything is kept on your own computer. Further protect your sensitive data with a password that only you will know.

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